Mending my mothers favorite sweater

My mothers favorite sweater is one I bought in a thrift store 13/14 years ago. It is thick and cozy, and she wears it all of the time. And as you can see, it shows. The cuffs were completely worn down. So she asked me to knit some new ones, and I was happy to.

I like mending things. It gives me great satisfaction to prolong the life of worn out clothing and socks. And this was easy. I did the first cuff before I went to bed, and the second one I did while having breakfast with my mother.


I started off by putting a lifeline thru the row of stitches just below the ribbing. Then I cut thru the above row of stitches. After the cuff was removed it was easy to put the live stitches on a set of dpns and knit a new one.


I was lucky that I had some matching yarn leftover from a blanket I had made. I dont think I could have found better matching yarn.

I used Jenys surprisingly stretchy bind off, to avoid that the cuffs became too tight.


Now I just need to mend the pile of socks my mother has been saving for me. To make it more fun, I found a bunch of colourfull sock mending yarn at the local thrift store.

At least my parents socks are possible to mend, with a few holes each. My father in law came to me with his old socks, for me to mend, once, and they were beyond repair. So worn out that the entire sole was see thru, barely holding together. And I have noticed that the ones he wears now are in the same condition. He uses the socks I make him a lot.



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