Arne & Carlos rabbit slippers


These slippers were supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend, but I never managed to  get started until January.

The slippers are from the book: 30 Tøfler (30 slippers), by Arne & Carlos.

I used Lima yarn from Hjertegarn, on needles sized 6 mm. They are knit in the round with two strands of yarn using stranded/Fair Isle knitting technique, the yarn is not held double.

Before knitting these slippers,  I have never been able to hold both strands of yarn while knitting stranded/fair isle, even though I have tried many times. But some how it suddenly made sense in the beginning of these slippers, and it made everything much easier.


We were babysitting my Sister-in-Laws dog while I was knitting.


The ears are knit as one long piece, that is then folded and crochet together. Knitting four of these was the worst part. You never get into a proper flow, when you have to constantly turn your work. But my husband had fun.

I forgot to take a picture of the slippers before felting, but they were ridiculously large. The first time I knit a pair of slippers from the book I thought I had done something wrong, because they were so big, and there are no finished measurements in the book to consult, just the gauge. But even though they were almost 1/2 meter long before felting they turned out fine, maybe even a bit small. I did have to pull a lot to get room for the big toe.


I just wish I were better at doing duplicate stitch, because the rabbits face is not as white as I could have wanted. But I have read up on it, and it is supposed to be easier if you use two strands of a thinner yarn.

They have been wrapped in some fun grass printed wrapping paper, because I love wrapping up gifts nicely.