Yarn from my pen pal.

As if lifting a spell, immediately after posting that I did not feel like knitting, I was suddenly filled with the urge to create.

First I made a tiny necklace/cozy for my MP3 player. It is brand new, but so annoying for having to be in a pocket. My summer dresses do not have pockets. There is a hole at the top of it, as if to put a string thru, but the hole is at a strange angle, making it totally impossible.

I made it from some yarn my pen pal once sent me, it was a gift from her mother to me. I can not remember that brand, but it is a silk blend, and I absolutely love the color of black with a bit of red in it.


It is just a quick and easy pattern of single crochet. I did swatch first to calculate how many stitches were needed. I did it in the round, and did the cord before the strap. Also I left a long tail at the beginning, to close the bottom. This way I only needed to sew in two ends.

After this I decided to use some other yarn my sweet pen pal had sent me, some hand dyed merino wool from Canada. Again, I just love the colors. They fit my style perfectly.


A quick search on ravelry.com led me to the Violet Waffles pattern. I wanted something simple because of the variegated yarn, but still with a bit of structure.




My gauge was a bit of with 20 instead of 22 st pr. 4 inches, but I took a gamble. Ribbing is usually very forgiving.

It was fun and quick, only took a few hours. I hope my sweet sweet pen pal sends me more lovely yarn in the future. I’d better send her something back.

I also just cast on my first toe up socks. Let’s see how that goes.


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