Foxy socks

Last month was the cozy toes exchange on, and with my love of knitting socks I had to join.

For my first giftee I knitted the “Es duftet nach Lavendel” socks, from my book “Socken aus aller welt”. I took amazing pictures of the socks before I sent them of to their recipient, but I had failed to put the memory card back into the camera, so you will just have to make do with this picture taken upon their arrival in the UK.


The grey ones are the Lavender ones, the red ones are from the same book, but I knitted them back in December. I decided to send them along because my giftee had stated her favorite colours to be grey and red.

Because knitting and gifting is so much fun I just had to sign up to be a rematch. Basically it means that I gift someone who has been shafted by their original Santa, and I do not get anything in return.

My rematch is from Scotland, and stated that he loves foxes and funky socks. I found the perfect pattern for some foxy socks by Drops: . Unfortunately the pattern only went up until a size 37, so I made some changes for them to fit a size 44.


I used Arwetta classic from Filcolana. Two skeins orange, one skein white and some leftover black. To make a size 44 I cast on 68 st on 2,5 mm needles, and knit 17 cm ribbing (k2p2). I knit the heel flap across 34 st in stockinette, for a total of 24 rows. To make heel, k22,ssk, turn. K11,k2tg,turn. K11,ssk,turn. Repeat the last two rows until all st have been knit. Pick up 18 st on each side of the heel flap. The rest of the sock is knitted in stockinette. Decrease on each side of the heel flap every other row until a total of 66 st are left. Knit foot until 19,5 cm. Knit chart A from pattern. Start decreases immediately after chart is finished, decreasin 4 st/round. Decrease once, then ever 3. row three times, then every other row three times, then every row until you have 10 st left.


I hope he likes them!


Honestly I have a love/hate relationship with knitting for these exchanges. I hate the pressure of a deadline, but I love making things for people. I am often asking myself, as I am stressing over a project, ” why do you keep on doing this to myself?”, but as soon as I finish the sense of completion just makes all the stress worth wile.

This month is the Yarn exchange, and I can’t wait to go yarn shopping!

For anyone interested there is also a Lego exchange, and a Harry Potter exchange and a few more. It is so much fun!





5 thoughts on “Foxy socks

    1. I’m sorry, all I was thinking about were the Foxy socks and how easy they were, and now I realize that of course everyone could not knit the super complicated lace and cable socks I also posted. I am really proud of them as a matter of fact. Thank you again.


  1. Love them, all ! The fox socks, reminded me of this :
    Read-Aloud: Dr. Seuss Book “Fox in Socks” by Dr. Seuss – A Book – …
    YouTube app‎ – Installed


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