I participated in the colour exchange last month. It was really fun. My colour was red, and inspired by that, I give you a series of red things:

First my gift from the exchange. I got some wonderful yarn from “Lorna’s laces”, and can’t wait to start knitting with it. Also, I got Duck Tape. I have seen all sorts of things crafted with this, but can’t really decide what to make.


My dream journal. I am training lucid dreaming. I heard  radio broadcast on the subject, and thought it sounded really fun. Besides writing down your dreams, you need to practice doing reality checks all of the time.


My cookie can filled with scrap sock yarn. It has cats on it!


Close up of some socks I knitted in December. “Urlaub in den Bergen” from the book: “Socken aus aller welt” by Stephanie ven der Linden. It is in German. The socks in it are beautiful and challenging.


Plastic fish I used to bathe with when I was little.


I collect buttons. I have a dozen of the deer ones, but I can’t bring myself to use them.


My husband was very proud of his pizza, and really wanted me to post it. I think it fits in here with its tomatoes.


“Pairfect” sock yarn from Regia that I got for my birthday. It makes two identically striped socks! You cut away the yellow yarn and that way you are easily able to find the same starting point for both socks.


And last, a Hario coffee cozy I knitted. I was tired of getting stressed out by how quickly the coffee got cold. I made a pattern: Hario coffee cozy



Oak ribbed sock

I found a bag of sock yarn at one of our local thrift stores, so I have been knitting socks again this week. More precisely I have been knitting the Oak Ribbed Sock from one of my favorite books, “Knitting vintage socks” by Nancy Bush.


Now, as much as I love this book, I do have at least one problem with it: Why does my heel not look like the one pictured? Why is my heel flap so long compared to the pictures? I feel like they must have cheated some how, knitted one sock and written the pattern for another. After being annoyed for a while, I decided to fix it. In the picture below you can see the sock pictured, the grey sock followed the books pattern and the blue sock I my revised pattern.


The pattern calls for a heel flap worked over a total of 32 rows, slipping the first st on each row. For the gusset you then pick up one st for each slipped st = 16 st.This creates a heel that is too long compared with the gusset. My revised heel flap is worked over a total of 24 rows, the first st on each row is not slipped, but either knit or purled depending on which side of the work you are on. For the gusset I still pick up 16 st, that is every two out of three edge st. I continue according to pattern. This heel looks a lot more like the one pictured, and the gusset width matches the heel flap length. I wish I had done this a long time ago, like 10 pairs of socks ago.