Darning a pile of socks

My parents have an ever growing pile of socks that need darning, so this weekend, when I was home for my fathers birthday, I decided to do a good deed and darn as many as I could.

I have a love hate relationship with darning. I hate the actual act of darning, but I love the feeling of accomplishment when it is done.

My mother has a ton of my grandmothers darning thread, I love the old box that it is kept in.



I managed to fix eight socks, several of them had more then one hole. The worst one had four holes. So I feel pretty good about myself.



6 thoughts on “Darning a pile of socks

  1. Wow that’s a lot of holes to darn, very impressive! Your darns look so nice and neat too, any helpful tips for a beginning darner? Some of the socks that I’ve knit have developed holes recently that I can’t just reknit so I’m going to have to learn how to darn.


    1. Thank you. It took a lot of patience. That is probably the number one ingredient you need if you ask me. And if your threads are close together you only need to do two directions. But mine are never that close, so I usually do three directions. Also you should probably use the same colour as the sock, but I never do that either. If you don’t have a proper darning tool, I think you can use a glass to put inside the sock. And always use a sharp needle!

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