Beer and knitting

I decided I need some regular posts to get this blogging thing to work out. So I just came up with “knitting and beer”. I usually buy I nice beer to enjoy Friday night while I knit and watch TV. It will be a  “work in progress” kind of thing, in the sense that the knitting will be whatever I have on my needles.

I am playing around with the the idea of selling socks online. Socks are probably my favorite thing to knit. I am always working on a pair. So why not sell some of them. Of course I would need to create another website to do this, so it is not happening right away. But that doesn’t mean I can’t knit the socks! I thought about using for a while, but it seems like that would just be an expenditure with all of the fees. I am not kidding myself, I do not expect to make any real money, it would purely be for fun, and if I make a few bucks I would not mind. All proceeds would go toward buying more yarn 🙂


I have become infatuated with red heels, so almost all of the socks I have knitted for my fantasy store have red heels. Maybe it could be my trademark for a while? I have also knitted about five pairs with a zig zag pattern, but I soon got tired of that.


Anyway, I am knitting yet another pair of socks, if you hadn’t guessed yet. They will be dark purple with pink stripes. 6 rows purple and 6 rows pink. With a red heel of course. I am following the pattern I posted earlier.

The beer was delicious, an IPA made with rye malt. It made it deliciously dark and bitter at the same time. Often darker beers will be kind of sweet, and I am rarely in the mood for that, so this beer really has the best of two worlds. IPA is my favorite kind of beer by the way.

Happy weekend knitting.


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