Returning to blogging after a long break and masala coffee

Soooooo, this blog thing did not turn out as I had hoped, at least initially. Well, doesn’t matter, I’ll just try again. To make up for my initial failure I decided to post the recipe for one of my favorite types of coffee, that is masala coffee. For those late night knitting sessions, or early morning.

I was introduced to this by a friend at university, she’s from Sri Lanka and her mother made it. It is basically ground coffee mixed with masala spice mix. I am not sure how to best describe the taste. It’s coffee, but it is spicy. I love it! I My recipe is based on the masala that my husband usually makes, but with a few adjustments to better suite my personal tastes. Feel free to do the same. I am sure more cinnamon would make it sweeter, and I have been wondering how it would taste with cacao beans.

Masala coffee recipe: 

4 bay leaves

10 green cardamoms or 7 black

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp coriander

1 piece of cinnamon bark, ca 5 cm

5 cloves

Ground coffee

Roast spices on a dry pan until a lovely smell starts to spread.


I use a coffee grinder to grind the spices to a fine powder, but a regular spice mortar and pestle will probably also work.


I like my coffee spicy, so I mix it 1 tsp masala to 2 tbsp of ground coffee. But you can mix it to your taste, with more or less coffee. You should get aprox. 10-11 tsp spice mix, which would require 20-22 tbsp coffee, or more.IMG_4695

To brew pour one tbsp of coffee into a cup, pour warm water over, stir and enjoy.IMG_4701IMG_4706

I know it sounds as if the coffee grounds will float around and get into your mouth, but I promise they don’t. The grounds collect at the bottom of the cup. I know Germans who make their regular coffee like this all of the time, so feel free to try that out if you ever feel too lazy to brew it regularly. For easy to print recipe I  made a pdf for you 🙂

Masala coffee recipe


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