Bernat ski sweater

I have finally allowed myself to buy the yarn for a sweater I fell in love with long ago. I got the pattern booklet on But like so many other patterns before it, it got shelved and never knit, that is until now.


I chose black instead of red for the stripes.


The yarn is Vital by Hjertegarn, 100% superwash wool (it’s danish). It is so soft and relatively cheep. I have used it for sweaters before, like this A-team sweater for my brother:


I used his favorite sweater as a template to get the correct fit.

The chart, because I am nice: A-team chart . I know it is a bit blurry, but I made it work.

Back to the ski sweater.

The pattern is really easy. You knit the sweater in all white in a ribbed pattern, and then add the stripes afterwards using a crochet hook. The pattern includes a cap and a pair of socks, and I plan to knit the whole set, because why not!

I have had a bit of trouble getting the correct  gauge. I knit very loosely, and in stead of using the recommended 3-4 mm needles, I use 2-2,5.

I can’t wait to post the finished sweater.

In case anyone wants to knit one for themselves, I scanned the pattern: Bernat 1. It includes both sweaters from the front of the booklet. There are so many great sweater patterns in there, I might post some more at a later time.

Happy knitting Friday!


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