Some of my favorite things

Beer and knitting are perfect on a Saturday afternoon. Also, you’ve gotta try knitting while listening to Daft Punk! It feels like you’r knitting at an incredible speed.

IMG_4250Yes, I have a Nokia 3310, I love it.


Bernat ski sweater

I have finally allowed myself to buy the yarn for a sweater I fell in love with long ago. I got the pattern booklet on But like so many other patterns before it, it got shelved and never knit, that is until now.


I chose black instead of red for the stripes.


The yarn is Vital by Hjertegarn, 100% superwash wool (it’s danish). It is so soft and relatively cheep. I have used it for sweaters before, like this A-team sweater for my brother:


I used his favorite sweater as a template to get the correct fit.

The chart, because I am nice: A-team chart . I know it is a bit blurry, but I made it work.

Back to the ski sweater.

The pattern is really easy. You knit the sweater in all white in a ribbed pattern, and then add the stripes afterwards using a crochet hook. The pattern includes a cap and a pair of socks, and I plan to knit the whole set, because why not!

I have had a bit of trouble getting the correct  gauge. I knit very loosely, and in stead of using the recommended 3-4 mm needles, I use 2-2,5.

I can’t wait to post the finished sweater.

In case anyone wants to knit one for themselves, I scanned the pattern: Bernat 1. It includes both sweaters from the front of the booklet. There are so many great sweater patterns in there, I might post some more at a later time.

Happy knitting Friday!

First Post: Sock for my aunt Gyda

So, a (long) while ago I was commissioned by my aunt to knit her some socks. Apparently nobody else could get them right. She wanted them narrower and longer then the ones she had. The main problem with this project was that the yarn she bought for me to knit with was a bit dull, and I struggled to finish the first pair. After one sock was knit the second laid unfinished for at least a year. I have to admit I feel really bad not having finished. Especially since I have knit +30 pairs of socks since I made my promise.


In the meantime we have moved, and the rest of the yarn disappeared. Perfect, now I could knit what I wanted! I rummaged thru my stash and found I had four colours: several skeins of pink and purple, one red and one black. I came up with the following two designs.


I especially love the pink sock, and made a few for myself, but on a larger needle since I prefer a looser fit.


I used the sock yarn they sell at my local supermarket(lane cervinia). I use this for most socks I plan on giving away since it is very durable and cheap, and I know people throw the socks in the washing machine with ordinary detergent, even though I tell them not to. Except for my father in law, he is very particular about the yarn having to be soft. In case anyone might be interested, I wrote down the pattern for the socks. Ribbed and striped socks (stupid me forgot to ad the size of the socks, they are one size for women)